Films 101 FAQS


Q: Are you allowed to supply mission critical applications like medical and food?

A: Yes and have been doing so for almost 30 years.

Q: What does wind direction mean?

A: Wind direction is specified when ordering so that the film can be unrolled in the direction needed for further processing.

Q: Can you Corona treat your film?

A: Yes, Corona Treating is critical for further film processing, be it ink laydown, adhesive bond strength or processing efficiency.

Q: How wide can you supply a roll?

A: Our finished rolls measure from 4” to 80”.

Q: What does mil mean?

A: Mil is the thickness measurement of a film. For example 1 mil is presented at 0.001 mil.

Q: Can you make bags?

A: We do not make bags. Many of our customers make bags with every feature imaginable.

Q: What does max OD mean?

A: Maximum outside diameter is the size roll that a process can handle and is usually dictated by the weight the processing equipment can handle or the amount of clearance available on the wind or unwind. For example, we make rolls up to 24” OD.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We have customers throughout the world, including Asia, Europe and Central America.

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

A: We will run 1 pound if that is what is desired! Typical order minimums are 750 lbs, dependent on the performance requirements.

Q: What colors can your produce?

A: What do you need! Our film colors are specified for the end use at hand, either to match a brand or blend with an environmental feature.

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Rewind Chart

Film Tech LLC rewind chart
Film Tech LLC
Film Tech LLC
Film Tech LLC

Barrier and Stiffness Comparison Table

Various combinations of resin create unique structures specific to the end use needs.

Resin Acronym Stiffness Barrier OTR(cc/mil) Weight WVTR(grams/mil)
EVOH 300 0.03 2.1
PVDC - 0.05 0.5
Cellophane 600 1.3 0.9
BON (Biaxially Oriented Nylon) 300 1.8 10
Nylon-6 100 2.6 20
PET (Oriented PET) 550 3.9 1.3
OPP 400 125 0.35
HDPE 150 185 0.4
CPP 100 200 0.7
MDPE 50 250 0.7
Surlyn 35 450 1.8
LDPE 25 500 1.0
LLDPE 35 600 1.1
EVA (18%) 5 750 7.9

(Note: Not all resins listed are used at Film Tech LLC)

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