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Film Tech’s custom COEX and MONO-layer plastic films are ideal for both the food industry, industrial, and the medical industry. For antimicrobial surfaces in a surgical environment to barrier or sealant films for fresh or frozen foods, Film Tech’s premier polyethylene films are suitable for countless applications.

Market applications that benefit from Film Tech LLC solutions:

  • Medical Applications

    • Sterilized (EO & Gamma) packaging
    • Antimicrobial surface covers
    • Medical header bags
    • Thermoforming films
    • Incise drapes
    • Surgical drapes
    • Specimen bags, Linear Tear
  • Promotional Applications

    • Promotional decals
    • Overwraps
    • Signs & banners
    • Printed decals for outdoor use having to withstand the effects of the weather.
  • In-Mold Labels (IML) & In-Mold Decorating (IMD)

    • UV protected label for outdoor products & parts
    • IML for custom graphics
  • Agriculture Mulch Films

    • All color options available
  • Antimicrobial Surface Covers

    • Improve the cleanliness of healthcare space touch points by inhibiting bacteria growth (MRSA, E. coli & others).
  • Medical Header Bags

    • Printed and unprinted bags for medical applications.
    • Linear Tear available
  • Thermoforming Films

    • Form Flo brand - MONO and COEX Constructions
    • Non-barrier forming web (T/F/F/S) for medical device packaging, suited for peelable and welded seal applications.
    • EVA - SURLYN - EVA
  • Fin Sealed Bags

    • Printed and unprinted bags converted (V/F/F/S) at food packaging plants.
  • Food packaging

    • Pouches, sealant film for fresh/frozen foods
    • Fin sealed bags
    • Interleaves
    • LID films
    • Recyclable
    • Flexible packaging sealant films
  • Industrial

    • Release liners and interleaves for gaskets & tapes
    • Coated tapes and release liners
    • Gaskets
    • Signs and labels
  • Label converting

    • Security, brand protection, general label stock
  • Electronics

    • Mobile device protective covers
    • Battery isolator films
  • Overwraps

    • Printed overwraps for increased brand appeal in consumer packaged goods applications.
  • Flexible Packaging Sealant Films

    • Sealant films for lamination applications, including pouches & industrial components.
  • Interleaves

    • Interleaves are used for bakery, meat and non-food applications to separate a product during processing.
  • Coated Tapes

    • Tape base used for rigorous industrial applications.
  • Gaskets

    • Custom shaped gaskets in a variety of colors, coated and/or laminated for industrial and medical applications.

Speed to market in an efficient and cost effective manner is of utmost concern. How do we identify an appropriate fit with your needs? Understanding the converting process pain points and critical performance factors, we quickly identify paths for meeting the application requirements.

Film Tech LLC
Film Tech LLC
Film Tech LLC
Film Tech LLC

Film Tech LLC Offers COEX and Monolayer Blown Films

Film Tech LLC manufactures high quality polyolefin films for your medical, industrial, food, label, general packaging, and other custom applications.

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